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Current Fabric Quotation: Jacquard Printing Curtain Fabric, 170T Taffeta, Jacquard Printing Curtain Fabric, Knitted Flat Printing Double-sided Velvet, 170T Taffeta
Top 10 Popular Fabrics
(Update Every Monday)
Product Name Width Spectification Price
Cationic jacquard curtain fabric 280 830gsm 13.80yuan/m
Knitting nylon cotton lycra 165 250gsm 32.00yuan/kg
T/R65/35 polyester viscose imitated wool 150 430g/m 17.80yuan/m
Chiffon window screens 280 300g/m 6.50yuan/m
Viscose wool fabric 150 560g/m 29.50yuan/m
Knitting double-side brushed anti-pilling polyester polar fleece 150 Polyester DTY144F 25.50yuan/kg
100% cotton pad dyeing yarn khaki 148 20S×16S、128×60 environmentally friendly 16.00yuan/m
T/R80/20 polyester viscose imitated wool 150 430g/m 14.50yuan/m
Knitting printing polyester double-side plush 150 150D semi-finished FDY×100DDTY 17.80yuan/kg
Polyester wool fabric 150 520g/m 28.00yuan/m
Total Price Index
Boom Index
Export Price Index
Export Boom Index
Top 10 in Rising
Viscose 1.92%
Belt 1.45%
Daily-use Home Textile 1.36%
Cotton/Ramie 1.07%
Other Chemical Fiber 0.94%
Apparel Lining 0.77%
Polyester 0.63%
Natural Fiber Grey Cloth 0.58%
Blended 0.45%
Nylon/Cotton Fabric 0.38%
Top 10 in Falling
Chemical Fiber Grey Cloth -1.48%
Blended Fiber Grey Cloth -1.21%
Nylon Fabric -0.91%
Lining -0.71%
Viscose Fabric -0.50%
Polyester/Cotton Fabric -0.48%
Polyester/Spandex Fabric -0.33%
Ramie/Viscose Fabric -0.25%
Polyester Fabric -0.23%
Polyester/Nylon Fabric -0.07%
Latest Index
Total Price Index (2021-07-19)
Category Rate Price Index
General Category 0.03% 107.94
Raw Materials 0.88% 89.08
Grey Cloth -0.86% 122.14
Apparel Fabric -0.14% 116.74
Home Textile 0.14% 101.87
Fashion Accessories 0.45% 131.67
Total Boom Index (2021-06-25)
Category Rate Boom index
General Category -1.67% 1125.68
Raw Materials -0.97% 784.12
Grey Cloth -1.41% 1289.50
Apparel Fabric -3.42% 1261.56
Home Textile 0.89% 1135.95
Fashion Accessories 1.86% 2008.71
Total export index (2021-06-25)
Category Export Boom Index Export Price Index
General Category 1014.80 181.92
Cotton & Cotton Blended Fabric
Ramie & Ramie Blended Fabric
Chemical Filament Fabric 969.42 186.20
Chemical Staple Fabric
Tufted Fabric
Daily-use Home Textile Fabric 1451.17 47.87
Curtain & Valance 1703.33 189.51
Impregnated, Coated and Wrapped Textile Products 3064.31 104.73
Knitted and Crocheted Products 700.03 171.78
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Video Online
The first anniversary of the release of "China·Keqiao Textile Index" and Textile Index & Textile Industry Transformation Upgrade Seminar was held in the afternoon on Oct. 25, 2008 at the first meeting room of Shaoxing county administration center.
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