Market fluctuations prosperity have declined, production companies turn to innovative creation

date2021-01-04 author
The prosperity index of December 2020 closed at 1153.06 points, 0.60% lower than that of last period. With the market demands driving market quotation, orders of enterprises decreased, which pulling the prosperity index down.
Market fluctuations and prosperity have declined
China Textile City market will be in a downtrend, due to the beginning of off-season. At the same time, the foreign trade orders increase and the domestic orders decreased. It is expected that the market will be in off-season next month.
In December, except raw materials, the other textiles varieties under monitoring will decrease, with good rebound. Taking into the external downturn in the economic environment, the textile market will be under pressure and the market will continue to improve in the later period. Step by step into the peak season. Judging from the increase of market circulation, the sales of grey cloth will edge up in the next period, especially the blended products will become the mainstream, which will show that the market has a relatively clear purpose and target for later sales. The market in the coming peak season is worth to looking forward.
Production companies turn to innovative creation
The Market continued in December, the production scale of weaving enterprises increased significantly, the market confidence is more adequate, and even some enterprises have insufficient employment. Into this month, with the market purchase and sale of Grey cloth, printing and dyeing and finishing enterprises will also increase in scale, business confidence has strengthened, economic efficiency will further rise.
From the analysis of the market structure in December, the production scale of all kinds of textile production enterprises has increased by more than 10% compared with the previous period, especially the production and marketing pattern of some raw materials, yarn and grey cloth enterprises has changed slightly, and the sales strength has increased greatly. In December, most of the domestic and foreign sales orders are about to be shipped, prompting printing, dyeing and finishing enterprises in the periphery of the textile market to speed up production pace, increase production capacity and increase textile equipment to cope with the good sales situation. In this month, the order of domestic and foreign sales has given textile enterprises unlimited business opportunities, so that business confidence remains stable, business efficiency has been reflected, promoting the steady development of the entire textile city market.