Circulation output decreased; prosperity index edge down

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The prosperity index of June 2021 closed at 1125.68 points, 1.67% lower than that of last period, and 1.00% up from the beginning of this year, increased by 1.37% YOY.
A. Textile market circulation decreased and the circulation prosperity index edged down.
June, market circulation prosperity index closed at 1169.66 points, decreased by 1.43%MOM. China Textile City was in a prosperous period in June and circulation decreased.
1. Circulation benefit index increased. In June, circulation benefit index closed at 1259.53 points, increased by 24.04% MOM. Sales of winter fabric China Textile City increased, which pulled up the circulation benefit index.
2. Capital turnover speed increased. In June, capital turnover speed index closed at 1282.26 points, increased by 21.03% MOM. Turnover of creative products increased, domestic & foreign trade orders price of creative products increased as well, which pulled up the capital turnover speed index.
3. Circulation confidence index increased. June, market circulation confidence index closed at 982.49 points, decreased by 1.09%MOM.
    The discrimination index for market demands increased. In June, the discrimination index for market demands closed at 955.75 points, increased by 1.16% MOM. Orders transactions of general fabric the domestic market increased the traditional market, which pulled up the discrimination index for market circulation. the discrimination index for market outlook increased. In June, the discrimination for market outlook closed at 974.65 points, increased by 1.33% MOM. 
B. Fabric orders increased, production prosperity index edged up
In June, enterprise production prosperity index closed at 1064.89 points, increased by 0.02% MOM.
1. Creative products increased as well as the production scale index. In June, enterprise production scale index closed at 1232.05 points, increased by 0.94%. Orders of general fabric increased turnovers of apparel fabric bedding all increased different degree
2. Output of general products reduced sales revenue index edged up. June, enterprise sales revenue index closed at 1389.61 points, increased by 1.43% MOM. Enterprise domestic orders & foreign trade orders rebounded. Output textile garment enterprises rebounded due to the low domestic demand, so the sales revenue rose.
3. Enterprise confidence index increased. Production confidence index closed at 798.28 points, increased by 4.33% MOM. The discrimination for market outlook closed at 819.77points, increased by 4.27% MOM. Domestic orders of new style products decreased as well as transactions of home textiles apparel accessories, so the discrimination index for market demand decreased.
C. Forecast of prosperity index next period.
In July, 2021, the overall sales China Textile City will be expected to decrease. As the temperature rises in China Textile City, the off-season will arrive. There will be an increase, the summer regular varieties and new stocks will be expanded, and the new fabrics for marketable clothing and new decorative fabrics will form major highlights.
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